Teaching at TUC

Please consult our website at Technische Universität Chemnitz (TUC) for details regarding modules taught there. These regularly include classes in Classical and Quantum Mechanics as well as other basic modules in Theoretical Physics as well as bespoke modules in Computer Simulations in Statistical Physics and Simulation Methods for Stochastic Processes.

Teaching at Coventry University

At Coventry, I have recently been teaching the modules 302MP Coding and Cryptography and 312MP Quantum Mechanics, as well as an introduction to programming in Python as part of our second years' professional skills module. Previously, I was teaching financial mathematics, mathematical modelling, and differential equations. Relevant teaching material are to found on the university's Moodle portal (staff and students only).

Lecture series 'Computational Physics with GPUs'

Lecture series at the 41st Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days, Heidelberg, Germany, October. This graduate school is offered twice a year for the large cohort of physics graduate students at the University of Heidelberg. The website of the school can be found here. My own lectures focused on GPU architecture and programming including a basic introduction to Monte Carlo simulations on GPUs:

GPU Lectures at IMPRS school

The International Max Planck Graduate School for "Dynamical Processes in Atoms, Molecules and Solids" organised a winter school on GPU computing in October and November 2012 in Wroclaw. My own lectures on GPU architecture and computer simulations on graphics processing units are found below:

Material from Mainz and Saarbrücken

Below this page you will find class materials and lecture notes for courses I am currently teaching or I have taught recently. In particular, this includes the following classes: