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01/04/2016 - Age: 6 yrs

Conference on phase transitions

Meeting to celebrate Wolfhard Janke's 60th birthday

The conference on "Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena" will be held April 6-8, 2016 in Coventry, England. Phase transitions in equilibrium and, in particular, in non-equilibrium continue to be an area of great interest to researchers in a range of fields, from statistical physics, through lattice field theory, to sociophysics. The present meeting is designed to expose the state of the art in this field as well as to provide a stage for discussions about current challenges and future directions.

Additionally, the conference is put together on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Wolfhard Janke, who significantly contributed to this field on a broad range of problems. The topics of this year's conference accordingly cover a broad range from spin systems to macromolecules. In particular, it is focused on

  • Spin Models and Disordered Systems,
  • Lattice Field Theory,
  • Networks and Complex Systems,
  • Soft Matter and Biophysics,
  • Non-Equilibrium Processes,
  • and their Mathematical Aspects.