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13/03/2013 - Age: 9 yrs
By: Martin Weigel

2nd GPU Symposium

Computer Simulations on GPU II

Between May 27 and May 29, 2013, an International Symposium on
"Computer Simulations on GPU" (SimGPU2013) will take place in Freudenstadt in the Black Forest, Germany. The workshop is being
organized by Axel Arnold (University of Stuttgart), Peter Virnau (Mainz University) and Martin Weigel (Coventry). This is the second in a series of bi-annual meetings devoted to the use of new, massively parallel architectures in computer simulations in physics.

The symposium intends to bring together experts in the field of computer simulations in statistical and condensed-matter physics, lattice field theory and astrophysics with specialists in high-performance computing and representatives from computer industry discussing their experience in designing and using graphics processing units, many-core coprocessors and special purpose computers for pushing the limits of computationally tractable problems.